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the most difficult year of employment


The most difficult years in employment

from a outside chain commissioner of marketing department of the ice  machines Co.,LTD

The background
This graduation season, will be doomed to spend in the tangle. On one side is the national college graduates reached 6990000 people, 190000 more than in 2012, a record; on one side is the plan job number decline — according to the statistics of nearly 500 units at the beginning of 2, this year plan job number year-on-year by an average of about 15% text text so helpless, people will be known as “the history of the 2013 the employment for years”.
Each year, countries in order to solve the problem of university graduates “employment” introduced a variety of measures, to promote, but college students employment situation is still very grim.
In university enrollment, in the industrialization of education in Colleges and universities “leapfrog development” that many people excited, also make the higher education massification of the goal to achieve a certain degree of. However, such education mode, also caused some sequelae: education level is not high, the low quality of training talents, “wide into the wide” teaching system become the employment bottlenecks need to need in short, is not up to the job, drive ahead without considering the consequences caused by the current society, some new social contradictions. For example, students’ survival ability, society does not attach importance to college students. Can say, the current university students, almost became the “wholesale” base, underachievement of university graduates to meet the eye everywhere.
In the present in higher education and the employment situation, on one hand, many enterprises are facing “recruitment difficult”, and most of the students can not find work; a many schools “hard to recruit”, while most parents are with children “crowded schools”; education and qualification of teachers is not enough, and most universities still in a hard enrollment; educational facilities is not enough, and many schools are still in the large-scale construction, construction of independent college; teaching level of education is not enough, still everfount to delivery of the so-called “talents” text text to the society.


Hot commentary
To solve the employment problem, further adjustment of college students to employment concept to dream of flying more in a more open field of vision. The school also should strengthen the macro situation judgment, set in a professional and student training more targeted. “However, the employment problem is never rely on the market mechanism to solve the problem, to solve the people’s livelihood, the government needs to take some measures to promote employment, society should also help to improve the personnel training system.”

General Secretary Xi Jinping in Tianjin of contemporary college students, encourage high, stand on solid ground, change their concept of employment. In fact, such a warning, is the best answer to how to deal with “the most difficult year of employment.”. The majority of young graduates, and shook his head and sighed sadly as full forward. In fact, this reminder, not only for graduates, but also to the, society, employers call.


In the most difficult year in solving employment”, the best solution is to resolve all sorts of really, additional problems on it. In on graduates, less ambitious, love leisure and hate labour shortsightedness, more used to the primary line and difficult place to courage; for colleges and universities, less set up some “cheating” professional, more elaborate design, set up scientific courses in specialty snacks; for the society, less utilitarian evaluation criteria, for different types of Talent more forgiveness; as to the employer, the less “radish Recruitment” competition of family background “game”, more fair recruitment system design, more equal opportunity.


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