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the most difficult year of employment

The most difficult years in employment

from a outside chain commissioner of marketing department of the ice  machines Co.,LTD

The background
This graduation season, will be doomed to spend in the tangle. On one side is the national college graduates reached 6990000 people, 190000 more than in 2012, a record; on one side is the plan job number decline — according to the statistics of nearly 500 units at the beginning of 2, this year plan job number year-on-year by an average of about 15% text text so helpless, people will be known as “the history of the 2013 the employment for years”.
Each year, countries in order to solve the problem of university graduates “employment” introduced a variety of measures, to promote, but college students employment situation is still very grim.
In university enrollment, in the industrialization of education in Colleges and universities “leapfrog development” that many people excited, also make the higher education massification of the goal to achieve a certain degree of. However, such education mode, also caused some sequelae: education level is not high, the low quality of training talents, “wide into the wide” teaching system become the employment bottlenecks need to need in short, is not up to the job, drive ahead without considering the consequences caused by the current society, some new social contradictions. For example, students’ survival ability, society does not attach importance to college students. Can say, the current university students, almost became the “wholesale” base, underachievement of university graduates to meet the eye everywhere.
In the present in higher education and the employment situation, on one hand, many enterprises are facing “recruitment difficult”, and most of the students can not find work; a many schools “hard to recruit”, while most parents are with children “crowded schools”; education and qualification of teachers is not enough, and most universities still in a hard enrollment; educational facilities is not enough, and many schools are still in the large-scale construction, construction of independent college; teaching level of education is not enough, still everfount to delivery of the so-called “talents” text text to the society.


Hot commentary
To solve the employment problem, further adjustment of college students to employment concept to dream of flying more in a more open field of vision. The school also should strengthen the macro situation judgment, set in a professional and student training more targeted. “However, the employment problem is never rely on the market mechanism to solve the problem, to solve the people’s livelihood, the government needs to take some measures to promote employment, society should also help to improve the personnel training system.”

General Secretary Xi Jinping in Tianjin of contemporary college students, encourage high, stand on solid ground, change their concept of employment. In fact, such a warning, is the best answer to how to deal with “the most difficult year of employment.”. The majority of young graduates, and shook his head and sighed sadly as full forward. In fact, this reminder, not only for graduates, but also to the, society, employers call.


In the most difficult year in solving employment”, the best solution is to resolve all sorts of really, additional problems on it. In on graduates, less ambitious, love leisure and hate labour shortsightedness, more used to the primary line and difficult place to courage; for colleges and universities, less set up some “cheating” professional, more elaborate design, set up scientific courses in specialty snacks; for the society, less utilitarian evaluation criteria, for different types of Talent more forgiveness; as to the employer, the less “radish Recruitment” competition of family background “game”, more fair recruitment system design, more equal opportunity.


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 Ice Making Capacity is 100tons per day, you need?

Ok,it is the MB1000,Containerized Ice Block Machine.

Containerized Ice Block Machine is a kind of ice machine that fit for the mobile supply water, vehicle installed,shipping installed,this machine designed multiple-hloe supply water spray head and the special crane for taking out of the ice ,so making the production very convenience,reduced the working load . Through the specialized processing for the container ,increasing the container’s heat preservation ,anti-corrosion and anti-slide performance.And make a deleting sounds and sound-prllf design for the refrigerant main machine,it further improved the container’s working environment.

It is according to environment temperature,relative humidity and wet bulb temperature of machine install and use site.Our machine adopts advanced electodeless variable-speed start screw type compressor,openended serpentine coil and evaporative condenser.Circulating of salt water under action of large capacity special agitator,ive harvest epuipment adopt special vrane system suit for takint out ice ,toth these design ensure the whole machine’s design confirm with international standard.Ti ensured machine with long working life,also fully ensured production of machine .Machine finished by our design ,according to statistics,with very low failure rate,working life of machine can more than 15years.

Machine running condition:water temperature ,evaporate temperature,condensing temperature,reference valve under 50Hz power condition .Real production of machine will have a little change according to change of water temperature adn ambient temperature.

Copressor type:S-H stand for semi-hermetic piston compressor,S stand for screw compressor.

Cooling way: A stand for air cooling condenser,W stand for water cooling condenser,E-C stand for evaporative cooling condenser.

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large scale edible tube ice machine

Large scale edible tube ice machine is a machine which can produce edible ice with capacity of ice from 1 ton to 20 tons. External diameter of tube ice we usually design it as 22 mm, 28 mm, or 35 mm.Because the ice is edible,this  machine is widely applied to many food industrial,such as processing and keeping fresh for sea food, meat, chicken, vegetable, fruit and so on.

tube ice

The size of our tube ice is reasonable and high efficient.Do you know why? About the internal diameter,it is usually 5 to 10 mm which can be adjusted according to ice making time.The length of tube ice is from 25 mm to 42 mm.Daily capacity of ice tube machine can be from 1 ton to 20 tons.

TV30 water cooled condenser

Large scale edible tube ice machine is such a big machine,so as for shipping, the cost may doesn’t contain the insurance,if customer need insurance, the quotation will rise. In this time,it is a CIF(cost, insurance, freight) offer instead of CNF. Type of payment, ice machine suppliere company usually accepts T/T (telegraphic transfer). 30% of the total value is the initial deposit and customers should pay the deposit upon Proforma Invoice. And the balance should be paid before shipping.


Cube ice are also edible ice,it is  made by cube ice machine.This machine has the capacity from 2 tons to 20 tons per day, the size of ice cube can be designed as 22 mm*22 mm*22 mm and 29 mm*29 mm*22 mm. The later machine also has different capacity, its structure is tube ice machine and cooling tower.If for drinking purpose,they are all available.Condensation, water cooled condenser and air cooled condenser both are possible for us to finish the design, as I know, most customer choose air cooled condenser for 1 ton per day ice tube machine.


Portable cold storage units:perfect

Portable cold storage is the most perfect choice for major businesses that happen to need chillers or other chilling equipment that are mobile.But do you know why?It is because it has a reasonably priced means to hold goods that require refrigeration on-site on a temporary rental basis or a long term lease.
cold room storages
As it is known to all of us that several commercial industries heavily rely on the cold storage for storing both perishable and non-perishable stuff. A conditioned vestibule for a cold room doorway is disclosed. The vestibule includes a frame that supports inner and outer movable door-forming members. Refrigeration should pay attention to cold room some problems.
Because it is important.The overall design of these industrial chillers or the basic water chillers is that it comes with the joint free systems of vacuum that are able to give high performance. Pre-cooling can be refrigerated cold room where food, medicine and other equipment stored at low temperature in order to avoid deterioration.
apple cold storage
If you are thinking of using a portable cold storage container then first consider what you’ll be using your refrigeration unit for and the number of goods you need to keep cold.Receiving one of these units for your business is trouble-free and the distribution of these units by the various suppliers around Ireland and the UK is smooth and hassle free.These are mounted on external areas that permit the person to have this great peripheral view of the insides of the water chillers or portable cold store machines.
mushroom cold storage units
There are many vaccines and medicines, that should always been stored in cool and dry places. This is because sometimes these pharmaceuticals may contain substances that might react with heat and sunlight and lead to harmful effects.Want to buy portable cold storage containers, walk-in cold room units, mobile ice machines,large scale ice making machine,just contact me.


what is the fields the cooling tower used?

Cooling tower is a radiator or a cooling device.Its working is based on this principle:It is the use of air and water contact and reaching (directly or indirectly) device,its using purpose is cooling water.It has many kinds of application fields,you can see it in the follow:

cooling fans

Cooling tower is mainly used in air conditioning cooling system, freezing series, injection molding, leather making, foaming, power generation, aluminum processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling, etc.It is easy to know cooling tower has many application fields,especially widely used in air conditioning cooling and freezing, plastic chemical industry. It can be divided into some big fields:
A, room temperature control industrial fields: air conditioning equipment, refrigerator,cold room, freeze, cold storage, etc.;
B, manufacturing and processing industrial fields: the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal casting, plastic industry, rubber industry, textile industry, steel factory, chemical industry, petrochemical products fields;
C, mechanical operation of the cooling types: generator, steam turbine, air compressor, hydraulic press, engine, etc.;
D, other kinds of industry…
Cooling tower is used to carry waste heat of cooling water in the internal tower and make heat transfer with heat, the heats then transfer to the air and spread to the atmosphere.

cube shape cooling tower