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detailed information of stainless steel cold room door

Cold room door is an important and necessary part of a cold room refrigeration system,and the door has many kinds of material and types.Even though it is more expensive than other kinds of doors,stainless steel cold room door is very popular because of its performance.The following is its detailed specification.

(1).The door is made of high quality material through special production processing,the door framework is also made by special skills. The outside panel is stainless steel panel, the whole door is polyurethane foam. Thickness of cold room doors has many choice ,from 100 mm to 150 mm.

(2).The fitting space between door leaf ,cold room ground and door frame use special rubber materials,which has strong low temperature resistance and strong elastic, can improve the cold room sealing performance.

(3). Around this cold room door,there are low voltage, high efficiency electric heater, which can prevent door leaf, door case and cold room ground from freezing.The door leaf side has safety switch, when the door is closing and people or vehicles are in danger,this switch can open automatically and avoid accidents happen.

(4). The door adopt the three-phase conical motor,this machine can make the chain turning after reducing the speed.There is rolling bearing inside the turning parts.The ice tube machine channel use curve form so that when you close the cold room door,it will drops automatically to push the floor and doorcase tightly to ensure the good sealing performance. When the cold room door is opened,it  synchronously rise and separation doorcase, let the friction between the sealing strip, doorcase and floor getting less and less.By this way, the door can open easily and close tightly.

(5). The door with air curtain machine in it, when the door is open,the air curtain machine can open automatically.




modern electronic appliance:air-conditionin

Air-conditioning is a facet of modern life that allows us to control of temperature of a premise according to the need and preference of a user. This is a mechanism that is especially useful in case of countries that have extreme climatic patterns, extremely hot or very cold weather.

Remove the air filters and clean them. To do this, spray the filters on both sides with a kitchen antiseptic spray and then rinse well with warm water. Ensure you remove any lint and other dirt which has built up on the filters.

The most important facet of air conditioning systems is air flow. The cooling process of modern air conditioners depends entirely on them having the right air flow because they function on the forced air concept. What this means is that the condensers, which are placed on the outside, need a considerable amount of space around them to facilitate proper air flow.

There are different types of air-conditioning services that are utilized for various types of places where we may live or work or even spend time for some other reasons.

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Refrigerated storage containers range from fairly small portable bars to large walk-in catering freezers.When it comes to investing in equipment such as refrigerated storage containers, there are a number of key decisions to make. One of the major ones is whether you should choose portable refrigeration equipment or static.

For example, a weatherproof cold room storage unit could be stationed outside your business premises on a long-term basis or you could rent a mobile cool bar unit for a one-off event. You could hire cold storage whilst your usual freezers are being cleaned.Refrigerated storage containers range from fairly small portable bars to large walk-in catering freezers.When it comes to investing in equipment such as refrigerated storage containers, there are a number of key decisions to make.

One of the major ones is whether you should choose portable refrigeration equipment or static.For example, a weatherproof storage unit could be stationed outside your business premises on a long-term basis or you could rent a mobile cool bar unit for a one-off event. You could hire cold storage whilst your usual freezers are being cleaned.

Globalization has made the relative distance between areas of the world much smaller; however, the physical separation of these same regions is still a very important reality. The greater the physical separation, the more likely freight becomes damaged moving in the import and export processes. To ensure that shipments are not compromised during transport, many businesses are turning to, and relying on cold chain technology.



Storing Perishable Goods In Walk-in Cold Storage

According to the characteristics of axial fan to make the following categories:By material categories: steel fan, FRP fan, plastic fan, PP fan, PVC fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel fan and so on.End-use categories: proof fans, corrosion fan, explosion-proof fans and other types of corrosion.By using the required categories: pipeline, wall, post, fixed, rain and dust type, electric and other external.

Modular cold rooms are large scale, or commercial refrigeration rooms. They are extremely versatile as they are supplied in flat-pack form and depending on the manufacturer, come in several hundred variations to suit individual requirements. Made up of standard sized panels, the floor, ceiling and walls can be easily locked together to create a refrigeration room tailored to specific needs and to suit the space the customer has available.

ice machine is available which is tailored to the following specific industries: Meat, pharmaceutical and mobile bar.Many table grape varieties, but large differences in the storability. In general, early maturing varieties storability is poor, in the maturing second, late-maturing varieties of storability. With cold storage for the longan varieties, Muscat, mare’s milk, Kyoho 2 fruit, red earth, black big grain, Autumn Black, Ray will Haier.

Specific methods are: fish out of cold storage, will be frost on the evaporator tube group layer clean, and maintain temperature in the warehouse?? 50 below, then press the cold storage warehouse used for each cubic meter volume of vinegar is 50? 100 grams of the preparation, use sprayer jet to the database, first library door shut tight, and off switch on drum Fans So volatile and the bank liquidity vinegar to vinegar absorbs the fish smell.


what is a cold storage container

Cold rooms are generally made of 75 mm thick cold room panel for room temperature around 20 to 30 degrees centigrade. In case the cold room has to be located outside, the thickness of the panels has to be increased to up to 100 mm. Similarly, the panel thickness increases in case a freezer is required.

If you work in any kind of industry where you need to keep high numbers of products at a climate controlled temperature you will know the importance of large-scale cold storage equipment.These refrigeration containers are designed to be used continuously to keep products cool and sometimes this is absolutely essential for health and safety reasons.

Many businesses use these types of cold storage as an emergency backup ?a contingency plan if there is a breakdown in another cooling system. Equally, some are used for convenience, as should there ever be a need to move the cooling unit, this can be done more easily for its being portable.

It is understood that the city put on the market has been very cold hands. Has invested 150 million pairs last year, Lacey Dongzhuang head winds shift Jimo wholesale vegetable market vegetables wholesale market of vegetables and other 8 to renovate the property, cold storage can store 15,000 tons of fresh vegetables.

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how to take away the odor in the cold room

The so-called odor in the cold storage is from the raw materials and food under the influence of external factors, physical and chemical changes, resulting in an abnormal odor, Over time, the smell of adhesion in cold storage The walls, ceiling, as well as equipment and tools. The cold smell, in general the following reasons: cold storage food before there is a smell exists. Into cold storage food there is the phenomenon of spoilage, such as deterioration of eggs, meat, fish. Of cold storage of fish, unwashed, storage of meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables and other foods, resulting in deterioration smell of infection. Cold storage and poor ventilation, temperature and humidity is too large, resulting in mold blooms, produce mildew smell. Cold storage refrigeration pipe leaks, the refrigerant (ammonia) erosion to food results in odor generation. Cold temperature does not drop, resulting in meat deterioration of perishable produce corruption flavor. This situation occurred in fresh meat, not frozen, frozen through, transfer the library storage. The smell of food in a refrigerated warehouse, cross-infection lead to food odor.

To prevent the cold storage odor generated into cold storage refrigerated food must be tested, no deterioration before storage to store. Cold storage warehouse in the purchase, no smell. If odor, must undergo treatment before use to exclude odor. Usual to strengthen the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, is strictly prohibited inverted heap discharge to prevent the so smashed pipe, resulting in leakage of refrigerant. Food in the cold working process so that the cold storage warehouse to maintain a certain temperature, not frozen food system to turn the library or store. If the cold storage warehouse temperature does not drop down, you should find out the reasons, to be excluded before making food processing. Not be mixed storage of cross-infection of food in cold storage.

Cold storage and exclude odor methods ozone. Ozone has a strong oxidation, can not only eliminate the cold storage warehouse odor, but also to stop the growth of microorganisms. The use of ozone generators, exclude Treasury odor. Put cold storage memory containing more fat food, you should not be used ozone treatment, in order to avoid fat oxidation and rancidity phenomena. Formaldehyde method. Goods to move out of the cold storage warehouse, disinfected with 2% formaldehyde solution (Formalin solution) and exclude odors. The vinegar France. Mounted fish cold storage warehouse, the heavy smell of fish.Should not be fitted to other foods, and load the other foods have to be thoroughly cleaned to remove the fish smell. The general method to remove the fish smell is using vinegar. Specific method: the fish out of cold storage, clean layer of frost on the evaporation tubes, and maintain the temperature in the warehouse – 50 ℃ below, then each cubic volume of the cold storage warehouse with the vinegar of 50-100 grams of preparation, with jet nebulizer to the library, the first library door closed tightly, and off to start the blower, vinegar volatile and liquidity in the bank, so that the vinegar absorbs the smell of fish. Generally after about 4-24 hours after the open refrigerator door, continuous blast for hours to vinegar blow outside the library.