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large scale edible tube ice machine


Large scale edible tube ice machine is a machine which can produce edible ice with capacity of ice from 1 ton to 20 tons. External diameter of tube ice we usually design it as 22 mm, 28 mm, or 35 mm.Because the ice is edible,this  machine is widely applied to many food industrial,such as processing and keeping fresh for sea food, meat, chicken, vegetable, fruit and so on.

tube ice

The size of our tube ice is reasonable and high efficient.Do you know why? About the internal diameter,it is usually 5 to 10 mm which can be adjusted according to ice making time.The length of tube ice is from 25 mm to 42 mm.Daily capacity of ice tube machine can be from 1 ton to 20 tons.

TV30 water cooled condenser

Large scale edible tube ice machine is such a big machine,so as for shipping, the cost may doesn’t contain the insurance,if customer need insurance, the quotation will rise. In this time,it is a CIF(cost, insurance, freight) offer instead of CNF. Type of payment, ice machine suppliere company usually accepts T/T (telegraphic transfer). 30% of the total value is the initial deposit and customers should pay the deposit upon Proforma Invoice. And the balance should be paid before shipping.


Cube ice are also edible ice,it is  made by cube ice machine.This machine has the capacity from 2 tons to 20 tons per day, the size of ice cube can be designed as 22 mm*22 mm*22 mm and 29 mm*29 mm*22 mm. The later machine also has different capacity, its structure is tube ice machine and cooling tower.If for drinking purpose,they are all available.Condensation, water cooled condenser and air cooled condenser both are possible for us to finish the design, as I know, most customer choose air cooled condenser for 1 ton per day ice tube machine.


作者:china ice maker

Guangzhou Ice Source Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized in large ice machine and cold room.The core for a good machine is the Refrigeration system,Thermal expansion valves as one of the most important part for refrigerant components decied the machines function and usful life.


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