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increase trend in commercial refrigeration equipment


The current increase trend in commercial refrigeration equipment shipments, which does not take into account domestic use, points towards cultural trends whereby folks are eating out more often, and enjoying take always and carry outs more often.

In addition, people are purchasing more frozen and refrigerated foods leading to suppliers, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and other merchants therefore expanding their commercial ice making machine equipment to meet the demand.

cold room size

Commercial refrigeration equipment plays an essential role in the economies of the countries of the world. From the purchasing and shipping of millions of dollars of equipment over the course of a year, to the role this equipment plays in food production and consumption. Combine this with the core role it plays in businesses worldwide like supermarkets, restaurants and bars. It therefore acts as an indicator of the health of economies and the activities of citizens worldwide.

Commercial cold storage refrigeration is essential in our society today, to preserve and protect food for people all over the world. Various systems are currently used in supermarkets and retail food stores. These include central refrigeration systems connected to food display cases, self- contained display cases and walk-in cold room and freezers. New designs, often called distributed systems, are also being used.

double temperature cold room


作者:china ice maker

Guangzhou Ice Source Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized in large ice machine and cold room.The core for a good machine is the Refrigeration system,Thermal expansion valves as one of the most important part for refrigerant components decied the machines function and usful life.


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