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what is a cold storage container


Cold rooms are generally made of 75 mm thick cold room panel for room temperature around 20 to 30 degrees centigrade. In case the cold room has to be located outside, the thickness of the panels has to be increased to up to 100 mm. Similarly, the panel thickness increases in case a freezer is required.

If you work in any kind of industry where you need to keep high numbers of products at a climate controlled temperature you will know the importance of large-scale cold storage equipment.These refrigeration containers are designed to be used continuously to keep products cool and sometimes this is absolutely essential for health and safety reasons.

Many businesses use these types of cold storage as an emergency backup ?a contingency plan if there is a breakdown in another cooling system. Equally, some are used for convenience, as should there ever be a need to move the cooling unit, this can be done more easily for its being portable.

It is understood that the city put on the market has been very cold hands. Has invested 150 million pairs last year, Lacey Dongzhuang head winds shift Jimo wholesale vegetable market vegetables wholesale market of vegetables and other 8 to renovate the property, cold storage can store 15,000 tons of fresh vegetables.

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作者:china ice maker

Guangzhou Ice Source Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized in large ice machine and cold room.The core for a good machine is the Refrigeration system,Thermal expansion valves as one of the most important part for refrigerant components decied the machines function and usful life.


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