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how to take away the odor in the cold room


The so-called odor in the cold storage is from the raw materials and food under the influence of external factors, physical and chemical changes, resulting in an abnormal odor, Over time, the smell of adhesion in cold storage The walls, ceiling, as well as equipment and tools. The cold smell, in general the following reasons: cold storage food before there is a smell exists. Into cold storage food there is the phenomenon of spoilage, such as deterioration of eggs, meat, fish. Of cold storage of fish, unwashed, storage of meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables and other foods, resulting in deterioration smell of infection. Cold storage and poor ventilation, temperature and humidity is too large, resulting in mold blooms, produce mildew smell. Cold storage refrigeration pipe leaks, the refrigerant (ammonia) erosion to food results in odor generation. Cold temperature does not drop, resulting in meat deterioration of perishable produce corruption flavor. This situation occurred in fresh meat, not frozen, frozen through, transfer the library storage. The smell of food in a refrigerated warehouse, cross-infection lead to food odor.

To prevent the cold storage odor generated into cold storage refrigerated food must be tested, no deterioration before storage to store. Cold storage warehouse in the purchase, no smell. If odor, must undergo treatment before use to exclude odor. Usual to strengthen the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, is strictly prohibited inverted heap discharge to prevent the so smashed pipe, resulting in leakage of refrigerant. Food in the cold working process so that the cold storage warehouse to maintain a certain temperature, not frozen food system to turn the library or store. If the cold storage warehouse temperature does not drop down, you should find out the reasons, to be excluded before making food processing. Not be mixed storage of cross-infection of food in cold storage.

Cold storage and exclude odor methods ozone. Ozone has a strong oxidation, can not only eliminate the cold storage warehouse odor, but also to stop the growth of microorganisms. The use of ozone generators, exclude Treasury odor. Put cold storage memory containing more fat food, you should not be used ozone treatment, in order to avoid fat oxidation and rancidity phenomena. Formaldehyde method. Goods to move out of the cold storage warehouse, disinfected with 2% formaldehyde solution (Formalin solution) and exclude odors. The vinegar France. Mounted fish cold storage warehouse, the heavy smell of fish.Should not be fitted to other foods, and load the other foods have to be thoroughly cleaned to remove the fish smell. The general method to remove the fish smell is using vinegar. Specific method: the fish out of cold storage, clean layer of frost on the evaporation tubes, and maintain the temperature in the warehouse – 50 ℃ below, then each cubic volume of the cold storage warehouse with the vinegar of 50-100 grams of preparation, with jet nebulizer to the library, the first library door closed tightly, and off to start the blower, vinegar volatile and liquidity in the bank, so that the vinegar absorbs the smell of fish. Generally after about 4-24 hours after the open refrigerator door, continuous blast for hours to vinegar blow outside the library.


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